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Airplane Seats: Re-upholster or Cover with Custom Sheepskin Seat Covers?

If your airplane has ripped or torn seats in which the foam rubber is showing, there is a good chance that it will not receive its annual Airworthiness Certificate from the FAA. This could result in your airplane being grounded until repairs are made.  Here are the options you will find when looking to remedy the situation.


Sheepskin airplane seat covers

New airplane upholstery

Features: Sheepskin seat covers that completely cover seat.  Custom made to perfectly fit your aircraft seat.
New material and foam filling to replace the original seat material.
Cost: Around $200 per seat.
Ranges between $600 - $1000 per seat.
Installation: Do it yourself in 45 minutes.
May require up to two weeks grounding time for plane.
FAA Approved: Yes - Seats will pass inspection.  Documented compliance with FAA flame requirements.
Yes - Seats will pass inspection.
Cleaning: Remove to hand wash or dry clean.
Use appropriate cleaner for the material.
Benefits: Sheepskin is naturally warm in winter, cool in summer and wicks moisture from the skin.
Brand new seats and foam.  Good if older plane where anti-flammable materials were not required.
Color Options: Available in 12 different colors.
Multiple color options.  Check with companies offering re-upholstery.
Warranty: 5 year product warranty and guaranteed satisfaction.
Varies by company.